Evaluation copies

Professors, instructors, or training managers: If you’ve already looked through these pages: Overview, Price / Buy, FAQ, Screenshots, and Help / User Guide, and you’d like to request a free trial of the Peterson Cultural Style Indicator to evaluate its appropriateness for use with your class or group, here’s how to do it:

  1. Please use the Peterson Cultural Style Indicator menu above to Register first, then…
  2. Please use the Contact page (in the menu above) to indicate what email address you registered, the name of your company, university, or institution, how you’d like to use the Peterson Cultural Style Indicator, with how many participants, and so on.
  3. After the above information is received and verified, one free access can be added to your account, usually within a few business days. (If you really need it immediately, buying it is the fastest solution, and still for a pretty low price.)

Occasionally people write to ask if they can have free access to the Peterson Cultural Style Indicator (for 100 students, or for 30 days, or for a particular group that is a good cause, or for use in a new program that doesn’t have funds, and so on). Thank you for understanding that the Peterson Cultural Style Indicator is a product, like a textbook, and not available for free.

If you’re a professor teaching overseas, or launching a new intercultural program, or an instructor under whatever other circumstances, I understand that funding can be difficult and must be prioritized. Here are two options people use:

  1. You could consider treating the Peterson Cultural Style Indicator like a (very low-price) textbook and have each of your students buy it.
  2. Or, you might consider asking your department to cover the small cost of having everyone in a class take the test. It should cost your department a tiny fraction of what you are being paid as the instructor.