Pricing and How to Buy

(Note: If you are in a class or group and your instructor has given you a Group ID, you do not need to buy the Peterson Cultural Style Indicator. Just register and create a Personal ID for yourself, then you can log in and enter the Group ID your instructor provided. Get started here.)


The current price for the Peterson Cultural Style Indicator is $14 per test.

For 1 person: 1 x $14 = $14
For 3 people: 3 x $14 = $42
For 25 people: 25 x $14 = $350
For 1 person to complete the test 2 times: 2 x $14 = $28
For 10 people to complete the test 2 times each: 20 x $14 = $280

You can log back in to see your results as often as you like and you can compare your profile to as many countries as you like.

How to Buy:

Step One – Register / Log in:

In order to complete the Peterson Cultural Style Indicator, the first step is for you to register and create a Personal ID if you have not already done so. Instructions are here. Then you can log in and…

Step Two – Buy:

The second step is to buy however many Peterson Cultural Style Indicators you want. Once you are logged in, you will see a “Buy” link in the top menu. It looks like this:

Purchases are handled through PayPal. (You do not need a PayPal account to pay – PayPal accepts credit cards.) The quantity you buy will be added to your account automatically and will be ready for your use immediately.