Peterson Cultural Style Indicator™

Compare your cultural style to 95 countries.

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On the web in various forms since 1996, the Peterson Cultural Style Indicator is the first basic educational tool of its type that allows internationally-focused students and professionals to compare their cultural style to the typical style of people in 95 countries. After you’ve completed the Peterson Cultural Style Indicator, it’s possible to compare your profile to any number of the countries covered:

Several resources are in place to help you get started: The Help page explains how to register, log in, and complete the test. These screenshots show you what the tool looks like inside, including a few pointers for instructors on how to create and manage groups and view users’ scores. Professors/trainers can download a brief “Help Guide” in PDF format. (There are links to all of these resources in the menus above.)

FAQ: Where do the numbers come from? Is this tool valid? Who else uses it? What kind of culture does this tool look at? Isn’t the whole world becoming westernized?” For answers, see the Frequently Asked Questions section.

This culture “test” (it’s not really a “test”, of course, but a basic educational “tool” that shows your profile) consists of 25 questions and takes 20-30 minutes to complete. It is meant to offer a quick yet meaningful first look at how your cultural style might affect professional relationships, decision making, management style, and so on when you interact with people from 95 countries. (For a deeper discussion, please see the book Cultural Intelligence, the in-depth companion to the online culture test.)

Individuals may use the Peterson Cultural Style Indicator to compare themselves to a variety of different countries. Groups or teams may also find it useful to compare their profiles in person and discuss the implications of the custom-generated reports. Professors/trainers can see both summary data and full reports for their students/group members.

The report includes:

  • A graph (color-coded and shape-coded) showing your cultural style as it compares to 95 target countries
  • A description of five global cultural dimensions enabling you to compare your own specific style to 95 countries

The report makes personalized suggestions based on your score. If you print it, or save it as a PDF, it makes about six or seven pages. But there’s no need to print it because you can always log back in to see your score report later, as well as compare yourself to as many countries as you wish.

Users can log back in as often as they like to see their previous score report(s) and compare themselves to as many countries as they wish. If you’re a professor or trainer, you can log back in to see which students/group members have completed the test, view their scores, buy more tests for new students, etc.

The Peterson Cultural Style Indicator is designed to be a convenient self-service experience. If you’re a professor or trainer and you want to use this tool with your students or customers, you can simply buy however many tests you’ll need, as you need them. (There’s no need to be “certified” to use the tool, and no need to enter into some kind of separate complicated expensive corporate contract.) The purchase process is fully automated and instant. If you need a few more tests for additional people, you can simply buy however many extras you need and the tests will be added to your account immediately. If you end up with a few extra tests, you can use them any time with a future group or class.

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