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Endorsements for Cultural Intelligence: A Guide to Working with People from Other Cultures

Current edition:

“Brooks Peterson’s new edition of Cultural Intelligence is a must-read for everyone who interacts with people from different cultural backgrounds, whether they are traveling abroad or living in the US.  In other words, it’s for EVERYONE.  My undergraduate and graduate students love his down-to-earth writing style, extensive experience, humor, and expertise.  The graduate students appreciate the theory and resources.  The expanded references section in the new edition is a great addition and will be helpful for advanced research.  The undergraduates tend to love that the text is understandable, entertaining, and thought-provoking.  That these two registers can coexist in the same book without alienating or excluding anyone is sheer genius.  The questions at the end of sections and charts make it easy for students to comprehend the material on their own but they also lead to amazing in-class discussions.  The cartoons explain communication gaps and become references that students remember years after they have read the book.  This book is one that students recommend to family, friends and colleagues.  Peterson has a true gift for explaining culture, helping learners understand themselves better, and developing intercultural competence in a non-threatening, approachable, meaningful, and fun way. The new edition brings exciting new material that refers to our everyday surroundings, such as references to cell phone applications, internet mapping and navigation, or machine translation.  Peterson’s tips, practical situations, contextualized guidance, and general groundings in cultural theory give this book the perfect balance.  In an ever-changing and increasingly diverse world that impacts all of us, this book is a timely and relevant addition to every classroom and for anyone wishing to improve their ‘cultural intelligence’.” – Gay Rawson, Professor of World Languages and Cultures, Concordia College

“The second edition of Brooks Peterson’s Cultural Intelligence is an essential resource for anyone contemplating working or living away from their home society. It gives an excellent orientation for those heading to new horizons, and provides the tools necessary for digging deeply into understanding why cultural intelligence matters.” – Robert A. Rubinstein, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, Professor of International Relations, The Maxwell School of Syracuse University

Original edition:

“I have used the Peterson Cultural Style Indicator™ for several years with the participants in the Business Edge Program for Internationally Educated Professionals. The tool combined with the book, Cultural Intelligence: A Guide to Working with People from Other Cultures has been an effective, easy-to-use and highly practical guide for our sessions on Intercultural Dynamics in the Workplace. I particularly like Peterson’s approach to developing Cultural Intelligence as a process: Cultural Self-Awareness+ Cultural Awareness of Others combined with Cultural Sensitivity leading to a Culturally Intelligent Professional. The participants in the Business Edge program have embraced Peterson’s model in developing their own Cultural Intelligence. The strategies and tips provided in the book have helped my participants navigate difficult work situations that often arise in a city like Toronto, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world.” – Sabina Michael, Program Manager, Business Edge Program for Internationally Educated Professionals, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

“This is a unique, highly practical, easy to read, day-to-day tool helping the reader understand and handle cultural differences. It is useful for everyday business interactions with people from all over the world. A ‘must have’ book for the businessperson’s library, Cultural Intelligence can help you break through and succeed in today’s competitive global arena.” – Augusto Franco, Brand Manager for Dressings Category Andean Region, Unilever Bestfoods.

“One of the students said today ‘I want everyone in the world reading this book.’ What makes it so appealing to the students is that it’s so accessible and an easy read without the usual academic jargon.” – Regina Rowland, Intercultural Communication Instructor, City College of San Francisco

“‘Cultural Intelligence’ is advanced life support for anyone to succeed in today’s society. It is well written, with creative illustrations, and should be a must-read for anyone in the healthcare profession.” – Felix Ankel, MD, Residency Director, Emergency Medicine, Regions Hospital, St. Paul, MN, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School

“Since I bought your book I am convinced yours is the best single source for the specified self reflection which truly is the starting point of cultural awareness / sensitivity / understanding. At least on a couple of occasions I have recommended your book as (I repeat!) the best single source of current information of this kind. I have sourced volumes on individualism / collectivism, high / low power distance as well as intercultural communication, so I make this assessment after much reading and first hand experience. The content and tone of your book is exceptional.” – Mary Brigid Martin Kattan, RN

“Cultural issues are not a new topic, but this book is so well written that it quickly becomes an interesting read and valuable learning tool for almost all of us, because of the world we live in, now and in the future. The author begins by explaining the importance of cultural intelligence for many of our business and personal interactions (with people from other ethnic groups at home and around the world), then listing what to expect (how the book is organized and why), and finally presenting a wealth of information about the topic (with vivid examples of how to apply it to our daily lives). Those examples are a clear indication that the author has accumulated his knowledge through wide reading, a variety of teaching contexts, and comprehensive practical experience in the field. The book identifies common cross-cultural dilemmas and offers practical solutions by outlining primary principles as a foundation for decision-making and describing how individual differences must be considered. The use of continuums throughout the book, and in the tool the Peterson Cultural Style Indicator™, ensures that the reader understands and effectively uses the concept of Gray, versus Black and White, in human relationships. A good summary is the equation presented of Cultural Intelligence: Knowledge about Cultures + Awareness (of self and others) + Specific Skills (behaviors).” – Rhoda P. Erhardt, Erhardt Developmental Products

“I just wanted to let you know that I did the training program last week using your Peterson Cultural Style Indicator™, and it was a great success. The participants loved it and it started the training session off really well. They also asked me to recommend a book, and I highly recommended yours. They said they will be buying copies for the whole group (about 15 copies). Thanks again for creating this wonderful book and Peterson Cultural Style Indicator™.” – Lynda Goldman, Words That Sell, Author of ‘You’re Hired. Now What? An Immigrant’s Guide to Success in Canada’

“This is an excellent book. I have found it very insightful and helpful in understanding how cultural diversity can affect work relationships. It is a great tool for companies or groups that work with international audiences and customers.” – Adriana Alfarozierten, Microsoft Corporation (This is an individual opinion and does not represent the opinion of Microsoft Corporation.)

At Miami University in Ohio, where I run an ESL and American culture program, I was charged last semester with creating a new course for incoming international students to help then acclimate to college in the US. I researched and read a wide variety of books and other materials to develop and prepare for the class, and hands-down chose your book as our main text. Clearly, you considered L2 audiences in the writing of this work, as you acknowledge in your introduction explicitly, and which also came through in the accessible writing style. No other texts I examined came close to being as clear, understandable, and relevant for my audience of (mostly Asian) international students who are (mostly) aspiring business majors. The course was a great success by all measures, appreciated by the students, evidenced by their enthusiastic engagement with the material as well as course evaluations, through upper administration which was immensely pleased with the outcomes. So, I want to say a heart-felt thanks to you for writing the book in the first place! My students and I have benefited greatly. – Felice Marcus, M.S., M.A.

“This book contains much needed practical material and relevant advice for the professional in today’s global environment. Written in clear and easy to understand language, it’s the most approachable culture book I’ve read.” – Angela Qin Zhang, Regional Sales Manager, Asia Pacific, Archer Daniels Midland Company

“Cultural Intelligence is a must read for all Human Resources professionals (and the clients we support!). The author offers a refreshing departure from traditional discussions of ‘diversity’ and presents the business case for understanding and building cultural intelligence.” – Raelyn Trende, Senior Human Resources Representative, Target Corporation

“Imagine a guidebook that helps you navigate the uncharted lands of strange cultures or, at least, cultures that seem strange to you. Author Brooks Peterson is less concerned with social advice than he is with explaining how to manage broad cultural differences and avoid cultural egocentrism. While he soundly reviews measures of cultural differences, such as cultural scales, he avoids delving into complex, abstract theories with little practical application. His clearly written book treats all cultures objectively, covering broad tendencies without venturing into cultural generalities. He alerts you to the nuances of other cultures and your own. We strongly recommend this book to anyone who interacts with the values of other cultures on a regular basis – and, these days, that’s just about everybody.” -Rolf Dobelli (Amazon reviewer)

“This book is a straight-talking guide to conducting cross-cultural business and personal relations. It is strongly pitched to American and other Western business people who are not particularly attuned to dealing with cultural diversity. As such, it would be useful to consultants, trainers, business professionals and employees who are anticipating adding an international dimension to their businesses or find that their workplaces are becoming increasingly diverse.” (Excerpt of review by PRN member G. Abbott.)